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CH1 Series High speed Precision Compact Power pres



●widely used in massprocessing of pressing and punching of small-sized high-precision parts, such as accurate electronics,telecommunication apparatus,parts and components of automobile,rotator of motor etc.smalll-sized parts.sophisticated electronics, communications equipment, household appliances, automobile,rotator of motor etc. small-sized parts.

●Adopt integral design the body and base made of special casting iron allov.high rigidity and excellent anti-vibration and damping capacity.
●Long-way guide-way design for slide board and equipped slide balancing device,guarantee the running in high accurate and stable.
●All abrasion resistant elements are lubricated automatically by electronic timing automatic lubrication system,the press will s immediately if there have shortage of lubricate oil.


尺度配件Standard Functions/Accessories Standard 尺度
卡模摆脱装配Sticking Release Device  ○
电动轮回光滑给油装配Automatically-recirculating Lubrication Device  ○
手动式滑块调解装配Manual Slide Adjusting Device ○
计数器Electrical Stroke Counter ○
可编程控制器Programmahle Logical Controller  ○
滑块及模具均衡装配Balance Device -金沙9159 ○
扭转凸轮开关Rotary Cam Switch  ○
曲轴角度指示器Crank Angle Indicator  ○
氛围源讨论Air Source Receptacle  ○-澳门金沙js55


选用配件Optional/ Functions Accessories Optional选配
吹风装配-4809.comAir Ejector  ○
防震足Auti-Vibration Press Mount  ○
变频器Inverter ○
模具照明装配Die Room Light  ○
预裁计数器Preset Counter  ○
送料机Feeder ○
误送检测装配Misfeed Detection Consent  ○

 Wrench Tools

才能发作点Rating Tonnage Piont(above B.D.C)mm11
路程少Stroke Lengthmm3030
最大模下Die Height (S.D.A.U)mm195230
路程数Stroke Per MinuteS.P.M200-400200-400
滑块调解量Slide Adjustmentmm5075
滑块板面积Slide Area(LR×FB×T)mm300×240×50460×340×70
台板面积Bolster Area(LR×FB)mm530×310×70720×460×80
台身盘启齿Bed Opening(LR×FB)mm300×180360×200
主马达Main MotorHP×PVS3×4VS7.5×4
最大上模重量MAX.Weight OF Upper DieKg30150




CH1-257605405303002003005015b×5h 50520
CH1-459657007204603204208020b×7h 100600

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